I have always been told that I have a way of romanticizing things. I'm always searching for the next adventure. I believe life is short and should be treasured for all it's worth. Maybe you feel this way too. 

With years of practice, I have turned this personality trait into a tool.  I truly believe that the extraordinary is often found in the ordinary. That little hand squeeze or a simple glance. Those in-between moments that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. That's where I come in.  Everyone has a beautiful story to tell, it's my honor to preserve it.

In my work, I bring an editorial approach to photographing a wedding.  
I aim to represent your wedding day in a timeless spread of unique
high-quality images. I understand the work that a couple puts into representing themselves through all of the details, and I intend on
crafting each image to compliment that. 

Hope Helmuth is based on the East Coast and available to capture love worldwide.  


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