A Greenhouse Engagement Session at Valley Forge National Park & Philander Chase Knox Estate

Photography: Hope Helmuth Photography

Brittany + Andrew

Location: Valley Forge and Philander Chase Knox Estate


Brit and Andrew enjoy disconnecting from their busy lives to spend quality time outdoors together with their dog named Tucker.

Their love for nature inspired their dreamy engagement session in Chester County, PA. The National Park and historic Chase Knox Estate set the scene for this adventurous couple.


Tell us what you love most about each other. Feel free to gush a little!

Brittany: My favorite thing about Andrew (besides his good looks) would have to be how kind and caring his heart is. When we first met in college we were complete strangers that had a bunch of classes together but never spoke, as we are both relatively soft spoken.

Ever since we got to know each other, he always knows exactly how to make me feel like I am important and cared about and he will do anything to make me happy! He is the most supportive and uplifting person that I could ask for.


Andrew: My favorite thing about Brittany is that we can just be ourselves around each other. We’re always laughing at our dumb jokes. She is supportive, and caring.

I’m always happy when I’m by her side.


The film captures the immense greenery and natural beauty of the rolling hills. We love the rich tones that can be achieved with Kodak Portra 400 film.


Both biology majors, the couple met in college at East Stroudsburg University.

5.5 years ago they shared their first date! "We skipped our organic chemistry class together to go to a local breakfast spot in the middle of the week."


During a vacation in San Diego, Andrew surprised Brittany with the big question before a dinner in downtown. "We face-timed our immediate family afterward to share the news and then shared with friends and family the next day."

"I was so surprised and excited." - Brittany


The soon-to-be-newlyweds hiked through the forest, stopping to smile and catch the light.


Describe a favorite memory from the engagement photoshoot :

"Hope was able to locate an overgrown greenhouse".

"At first we were a little bit apprehensive to climb into a bunch of weeds but the results were so worth it!!!

We love how the images turned out"