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A Romantic Vacation in France

Jan 7, 2020

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Travel Diary : Paris and Annecy France.

A beautiful escape to France in the Spring. This post features Paris and the quiet alpine village of Annecy, France. A perfect European getaway Featured on Suitcase Magazine.

paris-wedding-photographer.jpgParis is magical. It can be pouring with rain and the city is still a dream. Actually, there is nothing more liberating then standing on a terrace looking out over the rooftops in an early evening storm. This was my second time visiting and I can’t wait to return again.montmarte-france.jpgparis-wedding-photographer.jpgThere is a reason that café chairs sit side by side on the pavement – it’s the perfect way to sit and watch the world drift by. I adore old Paris with it’s beautiful neighborhoods full of tiny chimneys and crooked staircases. I love how the exteriors are painted in perfectly muted tones, the colors faded and worn with time. Montmartre is my favorite in the spring.


France Destination Wedding Photographer


France Destination Wedding Photographer

montmartre-paris.jpgWe wandered aimlessly for hours every day during our stay. Right when you think that you’ve seen it all, you stumble upon a new alley that opens to a square of cafes and shops.Hope_Helmuth_Photography-13.jpgAnnecy is a quiet little alpine village at the entrance of the French Alps. We arrived in the off season right before the summer madness. The wandering with a warm cappuccino made the town all the more magical. This place was so cozy, warm and inviting. We had a lot of rain on our trip but we didn’t mind! It almost made things more peaceful. In Annecy we really took a step back to relax and reflect. Hope_Helmuth_Photography-2.jpgHope_Helmuth_Photography-3.jpg


France Destination Wedding Photographer

Hope_Helmuth_Photography-5.jpgWe had such a wonderful time exploring the eateries and bars. We even made a few friends along the way. The locals where so kind and eager to strike up conversation. We wished we could stay much longer!annecy-france-photos.jpgMy favorite memory from this trip was a foggy afternoon eating delicious fondue and drinking white wine at a waterfront cafe. Annecy is right out of a fairy tale novel. The perfect place to escape and get lost. In the best way possible! I would love to capture a wedding here. It is definitely on my bucket list!  Looking for a France destination wedding photographer?  Our travel fees are all included. annecy-france-photography.jpg


France Destination Wedding Photographer

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