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Longwood Gardens Engagement Pictures

Jun 6, 2023

Longwood Gardens is a botanical garden located in Kennett Square, that has become a popular location for engagement pictures. The garden boasts over 1,077 acres of lush landscapes, making it an attractive choice for couples looking for a picturesque place for their pictures. Here, we will explore the best spots for engagement pictures at Longwood Gardens and provide tips on how to make the most out of your photo shoot.

The Perfect Location

One of the most popular locations for engagement photos at Longwood Gardens is the Main Fountain Garden. This garden features stunning water fountains that are surrounded by lush greenery and colorful flowers. The Italian aesthetic brings a serene and romantic setting that is perfect for couples who want to capture the magic of their love. The trickling sound of the water and the gentle breeze make for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.  I especially love the tree lined paths, brings me right back to the gardens next to the Louvre.

Longwood Gardens Engagement Pictures

Another perfect spot for engagement pictures at Longwood Gardens is the Flower Garden Walk. This location is an explosion of color and texture, with a vast array of flowers in bloom. The walk features a long path that winds through the gardens, providing a picturesque backdrop. Furthermore, The Flower Garden Walk is perfect for couples who want to capture the vibrant colors and beauty of the gardens.

Floral Extravaganza

The rose gardens at Longwood Gardens are a magical place for an engagement photoshoot. The beauty of the roses and the lush greenery provide the perfect backdrop for capturing the love between two people. The sweet fragrance of the roses creates a romantic atmosphere, making it easy to get lost in the moment and forget about the rest of the world.

Planning Your Session

To get the best engagement photos at Longwood Gardens, it’s important to prepare for your photo shoot. I always recommend early evening for the best lighting.  Make sure to check the weather before your shoot and dress accordingly. Moreover, a soft and romantic wardrobe is always ideal.  We loved this bride to be’s choice of an airy summer dress.  Texture is always a great way to go.

In conclusion, Longwood Gardens is a magical place for engagement photos. With so many stunning locations to choose from, there is something for every couple. Whether you prefer the cream textured walls or lush florals, Longwood Gardens has it all. The Fountains, Italian Water Garden and Flower Garden Walk are just a few of the best spots for engagement pictures at Longwood Gardens. Let’s capture the magic of your love in this lush and enchanting setting.

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